Adrift in Tokyo

This week kicked both Ben and my butts, sick kids, leaky roof, and grumpy co-workers. Today we had to just recuperate.

We stayed in and watched the movie called “Adrift in Tokyo” (available on Netflix).

I’m tired of seeing movies about the Tokyo the city of neon lights. That’s not the Tokyo I know and I was in the mood for a more authentic Tokyo experience. This movie follows two men as they walk through Tokyo, they walk through the Tokyo I know.

I would recommend this movie to anybody, it’s funny, and thought provoking. I see myself coming back to this movie when I’m feeling sentimental about Japan and want to revisit it for a moment.

Adrift in Tokyo has the kind of low-key, effortless charm that most movies sweat for. … it is a masterpiece of throwaway lines and little oddities. This is a lovely film that should not be missed.”
-David Austin, Cinema Strikes Back


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