Arriving in Japan

Ben and I have safely arrived in Japan.
The flight was perfect the entire way, Korean Air has my seal of approval.
The people here are incredibly kind, and will go very far out of their way to help a complete stranger. Ben and I each had two, fifty pound, suitcases, which got heavier and heavier the more stairs we had to climb, and after 24 hours of travel it became nearly impossible for me to lift them. Three times I started to struggle up a set of stairs with the suitcases, and before I was even a few stairs up someone would come and offer to carry my suitcase the rest of the way!

Health conscientiousness is everywhere here, just walking around the city I would say about 1/10 people wear a germ mask, and on public transportation about 1/5. You would think it would look weird, but when so many people are wearing one, it mostly just looks like an accessory.

It’s my very first night here in Japan and I’ve officially been in my first earthquake. It was pretty cool, and really confused me.

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