Our trip up to Brainard Lake this weekend was one of those serendipitous trips where nothing goes as planned but turn out to be great fun anyway.

Our plan was to drive up to the lake, walk around it for a little while and then take one of the hiking trails up away from the water. What happened was, we got stuck in a line of cars that barely moved (the park was so full that they were only letting cars in when another exited). We found a pull off with a hiking trail just before the entry gate, and decided to hike our way up to the lake. The trail up to Brainard Lake (the Sourdough Trail) was lovely, and we had a fun day hiking up the long way. When we got to the lake, there were three moose along the edges of the lake, which were very fun to watch. One of the moose took a swim across the lake, I had no idea they were such good swimmers.

I took a few VR/360 photos – head on over to the Wabi Sabi Katie Facebook Page to check them out: Facebook.com/WabiSabiKatie

If you go…

  • This area is popular, especially on long weekends, get there early if you want to park near the lake
  • Check the park website for entry prices
  • Go early in the day in the summer, there will usually be a thunderstorm in the afternoon and you’ll want to be back to your car before it hits
  • This place is a fantastic place to go snowshoeing or cross country skiing
  • Look out for moose! You can pretty much count on seeing them –¬†they are a real treat to watch


Brainard Lake

Parking Area (start of hike)

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