Denver RiNo Art District

If you’re planning a trip to Denver, I highly recommend hitting the RiNo Art District. It’s just a little ways off the beaten path, so it’s not as cramped as downtown, and I’m pretty sure there’s a bar in RiNo for every type of personality.

Women’s March on Denver

The Women’s Marches across the nation (and world) are only the beginning. Here are some ways you can make your voice heard during the new presidency.

Union Station

Ben and I my first trip together started at Union Station, it’s been nearly eight years since then, and we can barely recognize the place.

Brainard Lake

Our trip up to Brainard Lake this weekend was one of those serendipitous trips where nothing goes as planned but turn out to be great fun anyway.

Boulder Book Store

The Boulder Book Store is the embodiment of what makes Boulder great. It features small businesses and local artists, it embraces the old and the new, and it’s a little bit weird and eclectic.


Boulder, Colorado, a city with one of the most beautiful mountain backdrops of anywhere in the world

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