Gross and Funny

You can smell the elephant seal roockery before you can see it. I’m not sure what part of their body the odors come out of… but it’s not pleasant. That being said, you should definitely go watch the elephant seals if you get the chance, they really are fun to watch.

Whether they’re fighting, scooting, or mating, they do it with no glamour. I frequently find myself in fits of giggles while watching them.



If you go…

  • Plan on visiting the roockery on your way to Hearst Castle or Big Sur
  • See if you can find one of the Elephant Seal experts – My sister and I really enjoyed their explanations of mating behaviour and why you can’t outrun and elephant seal
  • Please don’t feed any of the animals! There are tons of ground squirrels in the area that have been overfed, which can cause shoreline erosion
  • November is when the big males fight each other

Elephant Seal Vista Point

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