You’re the Star

Have you ever wanted to play a Fender Stratocaster, or create a music video with your friends? If yes, this is definitely the museum for you. Every room is filled with interactive exhibits, including video game rooms, instrument trial rooms, or a two-story screen featuring your favorite music videos.

The most iconic piece of art in the EMP Museum has to be “If VI was IX” by Trimpin, which I prefer to call the “Rocknado.” It’s an amazing sculpture made out of nearly 700 instruments, including self playing guitars which you can listen to via headphones placed around the sculpture.

Next to the “Rocknado” is Super Space Titan Kitty, which I have to admit – I have no idea why it’s there. It’s a really weird statue, that reminds me of the time I spent in Odaiba, but without a guitar I’m not sure what it’s doing there…

Don’t miss the Sci-fi exhibit, or the horror exhibit (I chickened out of going in this one) they’re tucked behind some some of the main exhibits, and have some iconic movie costumes. My favorites were the Daleks, but I am a pretty die hard Dr. Who fan.

If you go…

  • If you are going to be in Seattle for a couple days, consider getting the Seattle City Pass – Admission into the EMP museum is included in the city pass
  • Take a tour of the outside to check out the trippy architecture
  • Don’t bother packing a lunch, The Armory is only a block away
  • Make a day of exploring the area

Other attractions in the same city block:

  • The interactive music playground behind the museum – every piece of equipment is musical
  • The Chihuly Garden and Glass Museum
  • The Space Needle
    • Pro-tip – Go purchase your Space Needle Tickets before you go to the EMP museum, just be sure to give your self about 2 hours in the museum
  • The International Fountain – A fun place to cool down on a hot day
  • The Armory – this international food court has something for everyone
  • Seattle Children’s Museum


EMP Museum

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