Fine art you can smoke out of

Crystal decanters and glassware come to mind when you think of high class gifts. It’s only logical that with the legalization of marijuana in Colorado a classy glass shops like the Illuzion Glass Galleries would open to help you enjoy smoking in style.

The Illuzion Glass Gallery in Boulder is right next to my favorite Thai restaurant, Aloy Thai and even though I don’t smoke, I always enjoy stopping in to see the amazing pieces they have on display.

My favorite piece they have on display is The Pirate Ship equipped with removable one hit cannons. I have seen some works of art on display there that I had to ask how you’d smoke out of them, they could sit on your mantle without anyone ever knowing their true purpose.

If you go…

  • There are two locations – one in Boulder and one in Denver
  • The Illuzion Glass Galleries truly are art galleries – they are stunning, and the staff are friendly and professional
  • The one in Denver has an on-site glass studio, if you’re lucky you might be able to catch a demo
  • The shops offer pieces in a wide price range some are affordable, but I go to be impressed by the $30,000+ pieces


Illuzion Glass Gallery - Boulder

Illuzion Glass Gallery - Denver

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