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Ben and I rolled our windows down and took long deep breaths as we passed through the eucalyptus groves on the way out – the bright, invigorating fragrance letting us know we were nearly to the bluff trail. Montaña de Oro is one of my favorite hikes around San Luis Obispo, no matter how hot it is inland the cool breeze coming off the ocean cools it down significantly.  The bluff trail is wide and flat, which makes it an easy hike for anyone, it’s one of the few handicap accessible trails in the county (though you can add some challenge to your hike if you want by climbing down to one secluded beaches or tide pool areas).

Hidden amongst the yellow flowers that give the park it’s name you can find California Everlasting, a visually unimpressive plant, but it has the most heavenly fragrance. It reminds me of maple and brown sugar oatmeal or a waffle cones in an ice-cream parlor, I love getting whiffs of the plant as the breeze shifts.

Ben spent a year waking up for the dawn chorus to watch birds in Montaña de Oro State Park. I can’t imagine a more spectacular place as a research site.

Watching waves crash against the bluffs – all you can do is marvel at the beauty and power of nature.

Montana de Oro Bluff Trail

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