Raw fish is often seen as ubiquitous with Japanese cuisine, sushi being the most ready example. In Japan, very few foods are not eaten in a raw form. Eggs, fish, red meat, many foods that at home either considered to be unsafe for consumption in their raw state are eaten frequently here. The only foods that seem to be considered unsafe of consumption raw are pork and chicken. Japanese are aware that it can be an issue for foreigners, but they treat it like a phobia. I highly recommend giving raw foods a try if you are offered them in Japan, as the flavor profiles are very unique compared to their cooked counterparts.

Ben and I wandered around Saitama today. Our lives here have been a lot of hurry up and wait. There are a lot of things in progress that Ben and I can’t really do anything about so we have days with no obligations, and then days that are pretty insane. I took pictures of nearly all the manholes we passed on our walk.
There are a lot of types of public art.  But the artistic detailing found on the ground here is really fun. There are little tiles, patterns of bricks, tiny paintings on tiles, painted lines on the ground that only make an image if you look at them from a distance. It feels like you are in a constant game of eye spy. 



Umbrella vending Machine.