Reina Sofia

Ben and I went to the free hours for the Reina Sofia Museum of Art today. It features modern art, and has pieces by both Dali and Picasso. I’m quite hit or miss when it comes to modern art, I enjoy cubism (but not much of Picasso), Van Gough (though not his super morbid stuff), some Abstractism, Supremitism (especially from Russia), and a few painters here and there outside of those genres, but for the most part, I find modern art tedious.

The exhibits of Reina Sofia were not tedious, they were upsetting. I felt like I was trapped in a horror movie, and felt nervous and agitated most of the time I was there. I’m not sure why modern art films feature static, shaky cameras, and unfocused lenses so often, it’s not creative, it’s poor quality. The obnoxious noises of “modern art” were inescapable throughout the museum.

The museum was hard to navigate, We couldn’t find the exhibits we wanted to see, and got lost in dark rooms with flickering lights. There were many small rooms separated by huge empty spaces. The museum felt like a factory. I’m glad I didn’t pay for the museum, it was an interesting two hours of my life, but not worth a cent.

Reina Sofia

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