The Night SLO Comes Alive

My husband and I live close enough to downtown San Luis Obispo to smell the tri-tip barbecue grilling from our living room, which means it’s usually our growling stomach’s that lure us to the exciting madness that is the San Luis Obispo Farmer’s Market.

If you go….

If it’s your first time going to the SLO Farmer’s Market, I recommend starting at the south end (located at Nipomo Street and Hiquera). Tri-tip barbecue is a local specialty, and the best barbecues set up shop at the south end of the farmer’s market. My personal favorite is The Rib Line because they have the most personality – the lines for all the tri-tip stations are long, you might as well enjoy the wait.

After filling up on delicious barbecue, head north for some entertainment. If you have have kids, there are kids zones located on the south end, or usually around Chorro Street (it varies week-to-week). If you don’t have kids, each side street usually offers it’s own surprise – my favorite performers are the electric cellist, and The Wandering Madman.

If you’re in the mood for a drink, many of the local bars have all day happy hour on Thursdays. Luna Red, which is usually out of our price range, offers $5 cocktails and appetizers.

When you’re ready for desert head to the north end of the farmer’s market, and grab some seasonal fruit. It’s hard for me to pass up strawberries when they’re in season, and impossible for me to pass up figs.

The Rib Line - Farmer's Market

Kid Zone

Produce Stands

Live Music

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