My sister moved to Seattle last September to live with her fiance and his family. It was exciting to see my sister in her new surroundings.

Seattle is a haven for artists, every corner was bursting with creativity.

My favorite part of our first day in Seattle was the Seattle Art Museum. There were some impressive pieces of art including a Pollock, and a temporary Rembrandt exhibit.

I love museums and have been to many. While the Seattle Art Museum does not have the largest collection, it stands out in my mind because of the museums impressive use of space. It felt spacious, and there was always ample room to look at any piece you were interested in.


Kelly was an impressive tour guide, she showed us many of Seattle’s finest tourist destinations, and of course Seattle’s most disgusting claim to fame the gum wall.

We all contributed our own pieces to the wall and tried not to inhale the sickly sweet smell that made your stomach churn as you walked past the nasty wall.

Pike's Place Market

Seattle Art Museum

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