Snow Day!!!

There are few things in life more satisfying than a snow day. A free unexpected day off. It’s some how more rewarding than the third day of a long weekend, or even being sent home early. It feels like you have been given a universal signal to go home and do absolutely nothing.

I’m sitting at home now, in front of my heater, in my cozy pajamas. I have some chocolate, and my new awesome computer. When I’m done with this post, I am going to call my mom, and then read a book (In the Shadow of Babylon).

I feel like I earned my day off, I got up early to give myself extra driving time. When I got out to my car, it was completely frozen shut, every door, window, and lock was frozen. I couldn’t get into the car, I had to have a strong gentleman come and yank my car open. I started warming up the car while I scrapped it. Unfortunately scraping the outside was only half the battle, the inside was completely frosted over. Scraping the inside of a car is much more awkward then the outside, especially when your car is toy sized. All in all it took about 40 minutes to get my car ready to drive, at the end of which I got a call from work telling me that due to backed up traffic, I have a snow day!


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