Sagrada Familia

The Sagrada Familia, is a magnificent church, designed by Gaudi. It is not yet complete, and has been in progress for over one hundred years.

Park Guell

Park Güell combines everything that I find charming in Barcelona: bright tiles combined to make cheerful mosaics, walkways to enjoy the mediterranean sun, and impressive architecture you can’t find anywhere else in the world.

Last day in Madrid

Last Day in Madrid Today is Ben and my last day in Madrid. We've said goodbye to all the wonderful friends we've made here, abandoned our apartment, and shoved everything we want to keep into four suitcases. I feel a little defeated, Ben and my plan was to stay here...

The Trash Strike is Over

For two weeks, the garbage collectors of Madrid have been on strike. If any group could effectively hold a city ransom, they are it. The city is disgusting.

Reina Sofia

Reina Sofia Ben and I went to the free hours for the Reina Sofia Museum of Art today. It features modern art, and has pieces by both Dali and Picasso. I'm quite hit or miss when it comes to modern art, I enjoy cubism (but not much of Picasso), Van Gough (though not...

Teatro Kapital

Last night (Saturday) Ben and I went to Teatro Kapital, an 8 story club here in Madrid. This was the most awesome club I have ever been too, including all the ones I went to in Vegas. It's an old theater that has been converted into a club, the old classic feel,...

Olympic Bid 2020

Olympic Bid 2020 The three cities bidding for the 2020 Olympics were Istanbul, Madrid, and Tokyo. I liked the idea of any of these cities hosting the Olympics, and so yesterday as the final announcements came in I waited with baited breath. We had seen signs about...

The Life of Art

Art makes the city feel alive, and as each building is born, the decorations that cover it become more defined.

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