Last night (Saturday) Ben and I went to Teatro Kapital, an 8 story club here in Madrid. This was the most awesome club I have ever been too, including all the ones I went to in Vegas. It’s an old theater that has been converted into a club, the old classic feel, combined with thumping music, and amazing lights is so cool. We happened to go on their birthday, and were treated to an amazing light show, glitter cannons, go-go dancers wearing rhinestone bras and g-strings, and a shower of balloons.

The different floors have different themes, separated by sound proof glass. The main floor is house music, the third is hip hop, one of the floors had Latin music, and the roof top with an open view of the night sky had no music (which was nice if you needed a break).

If you go…

  • Be prepared for an all nighter – We showed up at 2:00 am (doors open at midnight), and the party was still going at 5:30 am when we left
  • Check out all the floors there is an impressive range
  • Don’t be shy, this is a great place for locals and tourists alike

Teatro Kapital

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