Then and Now

I’ve had the same camera for eight years now, and my camera was six years old when I bought it. I was devastated, but not too surprised when my camera stopped working halfway through October. I’d started saving up, but was still a ways out from being able to buy a new camera, when Christmas came along. My parents got me a brand new camera that arrived today!

As soon as the battery was charged up and ready to go, I walked straight over to Union Station, just a 10 minute walk from my apartment. I already have half a dozen photos on my phone of the beautiful holiday illuminations – I catch the bus out of there a few times per week – but my phones camera just couldn’t capture the magic of Union Station.

Eight years ago, Ben and I took our first trip together, which was a train trip from Denver to San Francisco that started at Union Station.  Back then the station was run-down and echoey,  with a coffee shop that hadn’t yet mastered the art of drip coffee. Now Union Station has transformed into a cultural hot spot for locals and tourists alike. With award winning chefs at Stoic & Genuine, and Mercantile, cozy coffee shops, and bars to help you fight off the cold, it’s become one of my favorite spots to kill a few hours on a frosty day.

If you go…

  • I love going to Union Station for dates, I’m looking forward to Valentine’s Day so Ben and I can people watch on our own very romantic date.
  • If you’re flying in to Denver, make your first stop Union Station. I can happily spend most of a day there, there’s plenty to do within blocks of Union Station. Plus it’s a great place to re-fuel before heading downtown to the 16th Street Mall (there’s even a free bus to get you there).
  • You can’t get up to the upper levels without getting in trouble (or paying for a hotel room) – the security gaurds are surprisingly aware of anyone trying to sneak upstairs.
  • Check out Union Stations list of restaurants, many of them are local favorites and with the huge variety there’s likely something you’ll really enjoy. (Most of the restaurants are really good about food restrictions!)

Union Station

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