Tonight Ben and I met up with a group of people in Shibuya at an English pub called What the Dickens? The group was a good mix of Japanese people, and people from all over the world. Everyone spoke English, so for me it was really refreshing to be able communicate.

The pub served a Turkey Christmas Dinner, and had good (but pricey) beers. All the decorations looked English, the primary menu was written entirely in English. The servers and staff all spoke English. It felt like we had stepped out of Japan for a couple of hours. It felt really good to speak English, make small talk with a man at the bar, and use foul language.

I’m glad there are these little Oasis’s of foreign culture sprinkled throughout Tokyo. I love Japan, but sometimes I just want to leave. Christmas time has made Ben and I a bit homesick, so a night of not Japan was just what we needed.


What the Dickens?

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